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Friends, in today’s post about Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template Link 2024, it has been told that how to make your video using this Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template, for that you have to install an application on your mobile whose name is capcut app and templates with the help of which you can easily make videos, everything is explained step by step below, please read till the end.

A new song is trending on Instagram Reels and with a lot of requests from our users, we are going to share with you this amazing new template. Check out the tu hai kahan capcut template which you can use to express your emotions using this song.

We have shared 8 different capcut templates which you can preview below and use by clicking on the “Use Template on CapCut” button. So, why wait, check them out and make your video viral with these capcut templates.

About AUR – TU HAI KAHAN – Raffey – Usama – Ahad

Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics by Uraan is brand new Hindi song sung by Uraan and this latest song is featuring Usama Ali, Ahad Khan. Tu Hai Kahan song lyrics are penned down by Usama Ali, Ahad Khan while music is composed by Raffey Anwar and video has been also directed by Raffey Anwar.

Written/Performed By: Usama Ali, Ahad Khan
Produced/Mix Mastered By: @raffeyanwarr
Video By Raffey Anwar
Edit By Zyan Malik

How To Edit Video

To edit videos, you will need an application called CapCut App, you have to install this app in your mobile and also need a Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template Link 2024 , you will find the link below, and most of the short videos are edited by these apps. And whatever material will be used in editing the video, you will find the download link below.

8 Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #1

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #2

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #3

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #4

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #5

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #6

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #7

Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Templates #8

How to Use Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Template Link?

  • Download the Latest Version of CapCut App.
  • Smply preview the templates available above or see the latest trendy templates and select the one that suits your style and preference.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, click the “Use Template on CapCut” button and you’ll be redirected to the CapCut app.
  • Now select your photos and videos which you want to add in video
  • After that click on Export, you can have your video ready to share with the world. And once you’re finished, you can export your masterpiece in your preferred format and resolution.
  • If you want to export the video without watermark, you can click on “Save and Share on TikTok”.

CapCut Template New Trend 2024

Now, as I said, we have a template with song lyrics, so here only the effects will be applied to the photo and the text will appear on top of it. Look, there are so many other templates out there. New and great templates are provided only on our website. To use this template, please get the link below. You can use it from there. To do this, just click on the button and from there you will see all the details. Because even if I tell you here, you won’t understand how it’s possible. Because doing so will cause problems. Let me explain it briefly to such people.


ki jab main hadd se aage badh g+ya tha aashiqui me
yaani zindagi ko le raha mazak hi me
fir mazak hi me mil g+ya sab khaak hi me
choo kar aaya manziley to tanha tha me vapasi me
jaise phool todey hongey tumne jholi bharkay
me wo phool jo ki reh g+ya tha shaakh hi me
jaise khwaab hi me khwaab gaahein aankh hi me
pal se pal me kya hua tum reh g+ye bas yaad hi me

ek sawaal machalta hai mere dil me kabhi
tujhe me bhul jaau yaa tujhe me yaad karu
tujhi ko soch ke likhta hu jo bhi likhta hu
ab likh raha hu to fir kyu na ek sawal karu
main is sawal se gham to badal du khusiyon me
par inn bejaan si khushiyon se kya kamaal karu
par ab sawal bhi kamal, tu sambhaal le filhaal
ye zawaal bichaa jaal kya main chaal chalu

chaal chal tu apni main tujhe pehchaan lunga
mai apni mehfilon me sirf tera hi naam lunga
tujhe pasand hai dheema lehja or bas khamoshiyaan
me tere khaatir apni khudki saanse thaam lunga

kya tere saare aansu mere ho sakte hai
aisa hai to tere khaatir hum bhi ro sakte hai
mere khaatir mere rone par ab tum bas hass dena
ekbaar teri muskurahat ke piche hum sab kuch kho sakte hai
kya meri mohbbaton ka koi hisaab nahi hai
kya teri aankhon me mere liye koi khwaab nahi hai
tujhe kya hi karu ghamzada ab jaane de
ki tere paas mere pyaar ka jawaab nai hai

kitni muddate hui hai, tumne khat kyu nahi bheja
gaa leta hu tere liye, mausiqi nahi hai pesha
aane ki khabar hi nahi tere ab
ab kya masuamo se puchu tere aane ka andesha

ankhon me aansoon nahi hai
kaha hai tu kaha tu nahi hai
dil ko ye ab jaan’na hi nahi, bas tum chale aao

tu hai kahan, khwabo ke iss sheher me mera dil tujhe dhund taa
dhund taa
arsaa hua, tujhko dekha nahi
tu na jaane kaha chup g+ya
chup g+ya

aao firse hum chale
thaam lo ye haath, kardo kam yeh faasle
na pata ho manzilon ka, na ho raste
tu ho, main hu, bethe dono firr
hum taaron ke taley
naa subah ho fir, naa hi din dhale
kuch na keh sake, kuch na sun sake
batein sari wo, dil me hi rahein
tumko kya pata hai kya ho tum mere liye
kehkasha ho tum
kahaniyon ki pariyon ki tarah ho tum
mujhme aasake naa koi iss tarah ho tum
ho yaaqeen tum mera, ya fir gumaan ho tum
ashiyaan ho tum
mai bhatka sa musafir aur makaan ho tum
meri manzilon ka ek hi rasta ho tum
dhund ta hai dil tujhe bata kahan ho tum

ho jahan kahin bhi
aao paas taake aansu mere tham sake
yaad aa rahe ho tum mujhe ab har lamhe
aisi zindagi ka kya jo tum zindagi me hoke
meri zindagi na ban sake
sochta rahu ya bhul jau ab tumhe
tum mil hi na sakoge, to fir kaise chahun ab tumhe
tere saare khwaab pal me jod denge
j+sme tu hi na basega, fir wo dil hi tod denge

chod denge wo sheher
ke j+sme tum na hoge
tuut jaaenge makaan
wo saare hasrato ke
guzre pal jo saath tere
wo pal hai bas sukoon ke
mil lo ab tum iss tarah se
ke fir nahi miloge
tu hi tha saath me mere, kaise me jiunga akele
taare gin gin ke hog+yi hai subha

tu hai kaha, khwabo ke iss sheher me mera dil tujhe dhund taa
dhund taa
arsaa hua, tujhko dekha nahi
tu na jaane kaha chup g+ya
chup g+ya

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How Do I Get Capcut Templates?

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  • Visit the website first. skip this if you are already here.
  • Then choose and open your preferred template from the Popular, New, and Trending Templates.
  • Now select “Use template on Capcut” from the menu.
  • Capcut App will now be launched. You must choose your images and Movies in accordance with the template.
  • Your TikTok or Instagram Reel video is now prepared.

You can save the video on your Gallery or if you want to upload it to Tiktok then you can do it directly from the app. Enjoy!

Capcut Template New Trend

Some such Capcut Templates which have been continuously in trend and even today these templates are trending on Instagram and TikTok, by using them, creators are bringing millions of views on their Insta reels and TikTok videos, who are taking advantage of this great opportunity. You also have the opportunity to use this capcut template. With these Capcut Template Trends, you too can become a trending video through our website and go to the trending feed.

Capcut Template Trends

Some such Capcut Templates which have been continuously in trend and even today these templates are trending on Instagram and TikTok, by using them, creators are bringing millions of views on their Insta reels and TikTok videos, who are taking advantage of this great opportunity. You also have the opportunity to use this capcut template. With these Capcut Template Trends, you too can become a trending video through our website and go to the trending feed.

Get Capcut Template New Trends

Get Capcut Template New Trends
Get Capcut Template New Trends

CapCut Temp is a platform dedicated to CapCut Templates. Here we share the New trending and different types of templates. Like Attitude, Love, Velocity, Friendship, etc.

Our goal is to make Capcut templates accessible to everyone. All the templates listed on our site are free to use. Simply click on the Use In Capcut button, and it will take you to the Capcut App so you can apply the template.

For any assistance, you may Contact Us

Why Capcut Filter Bar not Showing in Tiktok?

If the capcut template is not showing in your Tiktok Apk, then don't worry we will solve your problem. So first you have to delete your old application and download a new application from our website or below link. And secondly, your network should be strong. After following these steps, you can open the template in Apk. New CapCut Apk is Here.

How to Use Tiktok Trending CapCut Template?

  1. First, you choose your Favourite template from these templates.
  2. If you need More Templates simply Click here.
  3. Click on Use Template in CapCut Button.
  4. After that, you will directly go to Capcut apk.
  5. if you want to add a photo/video then add it.
  6. After doing this, Preview the video and then export it without a watermark.

How to use Templates for Tiktok or Reels?

Our site offers a user-friendly interface so you could use templates with a single click. Here we share the template preview videos with links. If you’ve worked with templates before, you may already know the process.

Follow this 5 steps precise guide to use CapCut Templates :

  • Open the site on a browser.
  • Find the perfect template for you, then open it.
  • After opening a particular template, click on Use In Capcut to open in app.
  • Now that template will be opened in the Capcut app, to confirm click on the Use button.
  • capcut use the template
  • Finally, you have to select the required number of media from your phone gallery.
  • capcut template use

Awesome! It’s done.

Following these steps, you can easily create stunning videos with the help of Capcut Templates.

Templates will make your editing far easier. You just need to add photos or videos, and the editing process will be done automatically.

Well, all these are free Capcut templates. There’s no need to pay!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How to Download the latest version of Capcut Pro APK?

Download Capcut Pro APK v3.7.0 [Latest Version] from this website []. Bookmark this website for further Premium updates of Capcut Pro/MOD APK

How long can you edit in CapCut?

How to Select All Clips. When editing a video in CapCut, you can add as many clips as you’d like, as long as the final version is no longer than 15 minutes. Suppose you’ve found an exciting effect that you’d like to apply to all the timeline clips.

Is CapCut on desktop?

Open this link to download CapCut Desktop on your computer. Or you can find CapCut Desktop through App Store or Microsoft Store. Unlock your productivity with a simple interface and intuitive shortcuts. Edit videos with thousands of free effects, animations and transitions.

Is Capcut Pro supports 4K video editing

Capcut Pro supports 4K video editing as well. You can edit your 4K videos in Capcut Pro APK easily

Is CapCut banned in India?

CapCut along with several other Chinese apps are banned in India. As per Sensor Tower, CapCut’s global downloads spiked to 43 per cent to over 400 million last year. About 7 per cent of its global downloads since last year came just from United States.

Can I use CapCut online?

CapCut online editor enables you to edit video online for free, like a Pro, with its robust features and various effects. Be it converting text to speech or adding filters and effects to the video, CapCut will be your first choice to help you engage the audience.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, this article provides solutions for those seeking Best CapCut Template. The music it contains is external as well because the template you’ll be using was made by an external author.

If you liked this post please comment and share using the options provided below. It offers an easy and efficient way to access and use the templates.

Here there are several CapCut viral template download links have been provided. You may look them over and download them to explore the realm of really simple movie editing.

Enjoy these templates, download them to your phone, tweak them, and use them to go popular on TikTok and other social media platforms.

How To Find Trending CapCut Templates in 2024

You can find trending CapCut templates in two ways — on the FYP or by bookmark Us.

Method #1: Scroll Your TikTok FYP 

Scrolling your TikTok FYP is a foolproof way to find fun and relevant CapCut templates. 

Here’s how to spot them in a few steps: 

Step #1: Download CapCut

Head to the app store and download CapCut — you’ll need the app to access your template finds.

Capcut App Store
Capcut App Store

Step #2: Find a CapCut Template

Scroll your FYP until you come across a video with the “CapCut • Try this template” sticker. 

Try This Template
Try This Template

TIP: If you see the same CapCut template appear in your feed over and over, it could indicate that it’s trending.  

Step #3: Use CapCut Template 

Simply tap the “CapCut • Try this template” sticker then “Use Template in CapCut” to open the CapCut app. 

Tap “Use Template” once more in CapCut and just like that, you’re ready to customize it (find out how, below). 

Use In Capcut
Use In Capcut

TIP: If you’re not ready to use the template, tap the save button on the TikTok video instead to save it for later.

Best CapCut Templates in 2024 :

Choosing a template varies from person to person because it depends upon your personal choice and the theme of your video. We provide plenty of new and trending templates sorted for your ease. You can check here and also visit the following listed templates.

Trending Templates


Capcut templates are user-friendly, totally free, and easy to use. All the templates are uniquely sorted for you here so you can easily get your favourite template whenever you want. We always make sure that all the templates provided by us on our website are updated and new.

NOTE: We are providing the latest and updated templates. So our users can freely browse the templates and use them with ease. So keep visiting our site

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